The Curious Case of Javed the Islamist and John of MI5

Javed was a dire Islamist

John lurked in M15

Javed sought to infiltrate

John haunted the Muslim sides


Javed went unto the pubs

Smoking pot and girls

But he stirred an evil plot

To shock the infidel world


John melted into the mosques

He wore a robe and beard

Outwardly he spoke Islam

Inwardly he spied and peered


Javed was disgusted by

Invasions and civil war

He blamed them on the evil West

They made the Muslims poor

He also hated most of his kin

The Muslims who just lived

In the West and lived in peace

This he could not forgive

Sell-outs were in fact much worse

Than EDL and thugs

Snakes for heeding Western law

High on democracy drugs

But Javed thought the thing to do

Attack both cancers now

Spread fear in the infidels

The Muslims’ sacred cow


John wanted to serve his Queen

Destroy the Fifth column

To tempt and trap these dark traitors

Defuse their suicide bombs

To him their ways were anathema

Superstitious, fairy tales

Pretending to be one of them

Would be hard to fail

Many months he spun his web

Made friends, pious akhees

One sister then proposed to him

John married her with ease

She was the sister of the one

The crown of Islamists

The one with links to ISIS thugs

And their propagandists


Javed was just about to launch

A terrorising strike

Whilst armed with a machete

And upon on a mountain bike

Into Central London he’d

Slash and tear the filth

All the targets Black or White

For paradise his tilth

Then he’d detonate the bomb

Planted in the local mosque

Hidden tantalisingly

In the phone kiosk

But while he travelled on the tube

On his terror path

He was accosted by a man

A Muslim telepath

And after that he lost his will

No longer passionate

To maim the Muslims in the West  

For being compassionate

Instead he just gave up the hate

Tired of all the schisms

In some years he got a job

And grew a certain wisdom

Advising MI5 and Number Ten

On counterterrorism!


John was just about to launch

A sting to catch them all

A devious and bold assault

For his wife and brother-in-law

Pretending he was from ISIS

He got them all on-board

To plan an ambitious plot

To storm the House of Lords

When they were about to move

And execute their attack

He would entrap his confidantes

And go behind their backs

But his wife wasn’t interested

Reluctant his brother-in-law

These sticking points to his designs

Left him feeling raw

Then he found himself alone

In masjid Naqshbandiyya

His eye fell on an open book

Risala Qushayriyya

In the text a poet said

That in his heart was sickness

The only cure is with the One

Now John felt fickleness

Abandoning his post and life

He caught the nearest flight

Donning the garb of wanderers

Along the Tigris at night

MI5 could not locate

His whereabouts or soul

And he just kept on searching

For a cure to make him whole….  

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