The Hafiz From Syhlet

Once there was a hafiz from Syhlet

Whose hidden devil made him a special bet

“My wager today

When you go to UK

All Quran in your heart, you’ll forget!”

So, off the devil flew like a jet

His claws like sharpened bayonets

The next day the Hafiz

In a rush and whizz

Left for the UK, to Somerset


When he landed the forecast was wet

Not hot and sparkling like Syhlet

Eventually he arrived

To the mosque with great pride

The Islamic Centre of Somerset


As the days ran along he was met

By community leaders and their pets

They fed him til he was fat

And gave him a nice flat

This trip the hafiz did not regret


Ramadan cast its deep silhouette

The little devil performed a pirouette

“He’ll never perform”

And he shook his left horn

“The Hafiz Quran will forget!”


Then this Hafiz all the way from Syhlet

He led taraweeh without a sweat

His devil flew awry

And started to cry

“How on earth did he not forget?”


Afterwards the Hafiz he let

His shaytan know his mindset

“I ask Allah every night

By His love and His might

Never to let me forget”


“I ask Allah without a regret

To make me remember His precepts

So it’s just between us

You can’t make a fuss

The Quran in my heart He has set”


So I hoped you enjoyed this vignette

About the clever hafiz from Syhlet

If your devil confronts you

And tries to alarm you

Be with Allah and don’t be upset!

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