Dressing Up For Juma’

I’m dressing up for Juma’,

Suited and looking fine

No t-shirts nor tracksuits today

I want to impress the Divine

I yearn to get there early

And be acknowledged for

Arriving to the first in line

Angels tick me off at the door

I’m dressing up for Juma’

But as the mosque draws near me

A worshipper joins me in my walk

And gossips about Lionel Messi

As I approach the blessed doors

And seek mercy from the skies

An austere man gives me a talk:

“You shouldn’t wear a tie!”

I’ve dressed all up for Juma’

I’m listening to the imam

But behind me sit some old pundits

Grumbling about Imran Khan

The guy to the right of me

Is browsing on his Apple

The guy to the left of me

Is sipping on a hidden Snapple

I’ve dressed all up for Juma’

Wanting to impress the Divine

But the environment makes me feel

Far from the sublime

I’m dressing up for Juma’

But during the four sunna

My soul awakes, with a rousing cry

“I would’ve called you sooner!

But I noticed that you’re all dressed up

All presentable for Juma’

But your inner state; is in dire straits

Take off your mask for Juma’

Take off your mask of self-righteousness

Take off your mask of pride

Task off your mask of inner claims

Show Him your hidden side

You’re all dressed up for Juma’

Which is so laudable

But if you think just outward wins

That is deplorable!

Inside your self there is a heart

If it holds chronic sins

Even if you wear saintly robes

Hypocrisy lives within

All those annoyances you saw

From then up until now

There were just manifestations

Of Allah’s actions and vows

You dressed all up for Juma’

You wanted to impress the One

Then undress all those filthy robes

That enshroud your hidden sun

Take off the mask you’ve fashioned

With pride and hidden sins

Next time, dress up for Juma’ well

But disrobe your sins within…”

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