Ramadan 1442/2021

Right when I felt vulnerable

A knock rapped on my door,

Misgivings were darkening my soul

And hopes strewn on the floor,

Dawning there before my house

A dear guest stood outside

Now saluting graciously, blessings had arrived.

Novid Shaid, Ramadan Kareem! 1442/2021

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I am a Muslim writer and English teacher. I have written poetry, short stories, a play, and I am currently working on a novella. My subject matter and themes are related to Islam, Sufism, politics and also my job as a secondary school teacher. My work is copyrighted and any works published here may not used or copied without my prior consent. You can contact me via the "Contact Me" page, if you wish to use any these writings. I am keen to gain the notice of publishers and if any are interested in my writings, please contact me via the "Contact Me" page. Was salaam, Peace

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