The Tragic Tale Of Tariq Azizee


Let me inform you of the story of Tariq Azizee

And the life of terrible cruelty he had to bear

Take heed of the tragic tale of Tariq Azizee

Let it balance your hope with some sobriety and fear.


For Tariq Azizee was a wonderful, energetic boy

Full of promise, quick thinking, humorous and young

But Tariq’s father ruled him with an iron fist

Sneering, beating, restricting his freedom.


As he grew, Tariq felt stronger and wise,

His father’s cruelty grew in intensity

Suppressing Tariq’s movements and desires

His spies followed Tariq wherever he may be.


One day a throbbing desire filled Tariq’s heart

He yearned for his own freedom and identity

So he crept and spoke to the people secretly

They heard his story, weeping with sympathy.


So a day arrived when Tariq stood before his father

Who brandished a whip, ready to punish some insolence,

But when the lash came whizzing at his face

Tariq grabbed it with a look of sheer defiance


His father glared in horror as he turned and heard

Hundreds of angry voices breaking down the door

They streamed into the house, sweeping father away,

Who begged for mercy, as they took him, dragging him along the floor.


Suddenly, Tariq broke down sobbing at the sight

Then smiled and laughed that now he was so free

The people cheered and lifted him on their shoulders

They had restored his life and dignity.


Then shortly after Tariq fell in love

Married a beautiful girl who bore him a son

And Tariq showered them with love and gifts

He lived the life he had always been dreaming of.


But as the years wore on and his son grew

Tariq found his fists raging on his wife and son

And though he hated himself, deep down he knew

That hidden deep inside, the tyrant still lived on.

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One thought on “The Tragic Tale Of Tariq Azizee

  1. Why does the tyrant still live on? Why, if there is happiness, does the tyrant live on?

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