Raiders of the Lost Ramadan

“Quickly, Indiana!” Screamed his young sidekick

“Grab and bag that Ramadan

Before the beasts come quick!”

Indiana held his breath, outstretching his fingers

The kufi on his head slipping, sweat beginning to linger

That jewel, that priceless treasure stood

Tantalizing to his finger tips

Shining like an unearthly maid

Aromatic as a tulip

Gingerly, he took the jewel, in its place a sack of dust

Then he placed it in his satchel like a special trust

But as he retreated with a smile

He stopped for the ground shook

Short Round his loyal sidekick yelled:

“The beasts are off their hooks!”

Indiana seized Short Round and rushed along the passage

Behind them charged a savage beast, which roared:

“Come back and eat some cabbage!

Eat some meat! Eat some fish!

Eat like you’re a monster!

Put that Ramadan back in place and drink some Coca Cola!”

They barely gave the beast the slip

Hiding behind a gigantic boulder

When suddenly they heard a voice

And looked over their shoulders.

“Come on boys, just follow me, toss that Ramadan aside,”

Whispered this ravishing goddess, a feast for their very eyes

Her eyes were so alluring; her voice as soft as silk

“Come with me and let me show you more of my ilk.”

Indiana and Short Round turned away with great hardship

Suddenly, the goddess glared and shrieked: “right, that’s it!”

In a flash, she transformed into a giant bat

Indiana looked at Shorty: “damn! We’re in a trap!”

The bat swooped down towards them, red eyes and gnashing fangs

Indiana leapt on a rope and swung like an orangutan

On and on they swung on ropes

The giant bat in pursuit

But now the two stood on the brink

Of a gaping hole in all these ruins.

“We have no choice,” said Indiana, mournfully to Short Round

And just as the bat came into sight

They stepped forward and tumbled down.

They fell at a furious speed

The darkness swallowing them

The hole awoke and spoke aloud: “ha! Ha! You are condemned!

As long as you hold this Ramadan so close to your heart

You will continue falling until your life just falls apart.

You can’t handle all the change to your life and all the abstinence

You’re falling in a great dark hole

Which was once filled with your lusts.”

Indiana’s face contorted into lamentation

But Short Round looked straight into him

“Be still, you’ll get some orientation.”

Lo and behold, with just that thought

Indiana felt like he was floating

No longer in an endless hole

But in the central masjid, standing

No longer was he Indiana

But a lad called Imitiaz

Short Round was just his little brother by the name of Shiraz.

After the prayer, they stayed to listen to a talk by the kaazi

His talk of fighting off the nafs made Imitiaz feel foolhardy

Looking at his brother he remarked: “the things that pass your mind in taraaweeh!”

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