I’m here to dismantle some wicked lies

About the Prophet and his blessed wives

Some haters promulgate misleading views

About Muhammad may God’s peace imbue

Propagandists echo their disgust

About our Prophet which is so unjust,

They scorn our feelings for the chosen one

Spreading misinformation to stir tensions

But something they say, which is deeply sinister

Is that Islam approves of paedophilia!

They say “Muhammad married a little girl.

That’s disgusting,” say these foolish churls

But they don’t stop there, these nasty brutes

They insinuate all Muslims like child abuse!

They spread their hate, with effort concerted

Suggesting Muslim men are all perverted

Making spurious links to those grooming gangs

Like those shameless fiends from Rotherham

Those brainless cretins aren’t the true Islam

Most English men are not paedos in Thailand

Collective guilt is a fascist deception

Which extremists use to spread dissension

Well, here’s some information in succinct verse

To dispel these lies and ideas perverse

The basic teaching of the Holy Quran

Is to worship God and prevent all harm

Allah commands us to believe in Him

To reject the idols and do righteous things

This is a teaching which flows on through

The early chapters and the ending too

And the Prophet’s teaching is just very clear

To feed the poor and be unrelentingly fair

Then there is something that you must accept

Our Prophet lived in a pre-modern context

The culture and actions of Biblical times

Normalities for them, for us are crimes

You can’t judge those people with a contemporary lens

Understand their world, you’ll understand them

So, the Prophet’s first marriage was with Khadijah

At forty years old, she was 15 his senior

He remained her husband until she sadly died

And when she passed on, he was around fifty-five

So, for decades and years, he only took one wife

He was dedicated to her for most of his life

This contrasted with the general trend

Unchecked polygamy was the habit of men

The prophet’s devotion was an unusual sight

But he was too engrossed in Khadijah’s light

He loved her unlike any other beyond

She was the first believer, his companion

She was older than him, and was his employer

He did trade for her, which she found an honour

The Prophet was reluctant to marry again

But as a single father; help was needed then

So came the next one, his second wife

Sawda, a widow, she was fifty-five

She originated from the Suhayl tribe

Mature and homely with a peaceful vibe

Later on, the Prophet married several ladies

Some divorced and old; widows with frailties

Arabs married for love and strengthening ties

But the next was his Aisha, betrothed, a child

Ancient people then had a known custom

Which now of it most are not accustomed

They betrothed young girls to some older men

To strengthen their tribes and empower them

These girls would live as children, until puberty

When the girl was mature, there was intimacy

Living in the household until womanhood

At that point the marriage would be understood

There are disagreements about Aisha’s age

So, let the haters hear this to calm their rage

Some say betrothed at six, consummated at 10

Others say 18, presenting evidence

But an important point for us to grasp

Is how a woman thought in the distant past

In 8th century Arabia, when a girl menstruated

She knew she was a woman and not a child frustrated

So even if Aisha was just 10 years old

She fitted into her society’s expected mould

In the narrations Aisha proclaims with confidence

That she was the Prophet’s closest confidante

In her mind she was not a young teen

She thought like a woman and felt serene

None of the Prophet’s wives found this perverted

This was an ancient custom for them celebrated

The Prophet’s behaviour with his blessed wives

Is a standard that Muslims should follow in life

He spoke to them kindly; never raising his hands

He listened to them carefully to understand

Indulgent and helpful, and with them good humoured

Never listening to lies or vicious rumours

So, Aisha’s marriage was a custom in Arabia,

And not a way of life most Muslims now concur

For most Muslims out there 18 is considered early

Many Muslim women now wait until they’re thirty!

In Sharia Law there must be compatibility

Between a couple; there must be suitability

In these modern times, marriage has evolved

Most people are adults when they get involved

Paedophilia is considered an utter abomination

Perverted actions are hated by Muhammad’s nation

Those corrupted men from towns like Rotherham

Their actions belong in the pits of Jahannam

So, it is a wicked thing for people to say

That Muslims encourage paedophilia’s way

This is a lie to spread poisons and isms

In people’s minds so they start hating Muslims

So, to cure your mind of this false anger

Read some Martin Lings, avoid the propaganda

His book ‘Muhammad’ is a pleasing start

To discover the truth of Muhammad’s heart

May the peace and blessings resonate so much

And upon his wives whom he loved so much

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