An Ode to The Hadra, By Novid Shaid, 2011

Soaring past the stars

Plunging through the seas

Drowning all who join

The Hadra sets them free


Everlasting Lights!

Surround them and unite!


Linking palms attract

Meanings interact

Inner essences

Expand and then contract


Intoxicating Lights!

Mesmerising, Infinite!


Lovers sing the odes,

Murid hearts aglow

The Hadra resonates,

Their inner doubts implode.


Liberating Lights!

Releasing through the night!


Seekers ride the waves

Radiant and amazed,

The songs of Arifeen

Compel them, captivate.


Captivating lights!

The veils, they override!


Rocking like the sea,

Resounding endlessly,

The hadra unifies

Their spirits, by Decree.


Annihilating Lights!

Ignite hearts with true life!


Peace on him, the key

to His great mysteries

And blessings ceaselessly

And friends and family.


Alleviating Lights!

Sobering with sheer delight!

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