Hard Times, Hard Truths

by Novid Shaid, 2006


Can’t you hear me?

Can’t you see my distress?

Can’t you do anything?

Do you really even care?

When will you stop all this?

When will it end?

When you will make things right?

Can’t you see their pain?

Can’t you hear their cries?

Can’t you see they’re in despair?

It’s all a mess!

It’s all unfair!

It’s all just hypocrisy!

I need justice!

I want the truth!

I want revenge!

Are you even there?

.I can hear you,

And every word you say

And even everything you think.

I know you better than you know your self.

I know your deepest fears

And your secret ambitions.

I am never absent,

I am ever present,

I love what I made

More than you will ever know.

I need no rest,

I don’t have eyes like yours,

But I am always watching and doing,

And I do as I please,

But I need no effort to act.

I do as I will,

Everything pleases My will,

Nothing can change My will,

Nothing can be done without Me.

I know the beginning,

I have already seen the end,

So none can trick Me with a lie,

And none can hide the truth from Me

For I am The Truth

The truth belongs to Me

I reveal the truth,

I know the truthful,

I know all lies and I punish the liars

I distinguish the true from the false.

I don’t need justice,

For justice is My way,

I have arisen

And I have destroyed

Every living thing from beginning to end.

I have avenged oppression,

I have restored justice,

I have exposed hypocrisy,

I have settled all conflicts,

I have resolved every paradox,

There was never a mess,

I reveal My signs for all to see,

I reveal Myself to Myself,

But you are too short sighted to understand.

So don’t lie to yourself about Me

And don’t lie to Me about your self,

Seek the truth in your self,

Then you will see the truth revealed through Me.

Destroy the hypocrisy in your self,

Then you will truly live through Me.

Establish justice in your self,

Then you will see true justice through Me.

Have faith in My power,

Then I will restore you through Me.

Trust in My power,

Accept My hard truths,

Then I will protect you

I will make you timeless

in Hard times.


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