How Can You Love Muhammad So Much?

How can you love Muhammad so much?
How can you show such devotion?
What do you see in this Arabian?
Why does he stir your emotions?
All we have heard is his harem of wives
Included the little girl Aisha
We hear of his call for Islamic jihad
And his Quran so hard to decipher.

How can we not love Muhammad so much?
How can we not just adore him?
How can we not share his wonderful stories?
How can our yearning ignore him?
All we have heard from our mothers and fathers
Our grand parents and also our scholars
Is how the light shone when he smiled and he wept
And how he showed poor people honour.
All we have read in our vast holy books
And the publications in our studies
Is how he would wake in the dead of the night
And pray with all his heart and his body.
All that we know is his soul is a light
The secret of heavenly mercy
He met with a smile and despite all his trials
He even showed animals such courtesy
How can we not love his reality?
When he manisfests in our true dreams
We see his broad face and the mystical grace
We awaken with tears so serene.
How can you see what we ourselves see?
When all that you see is your perception
You see a phantom of your imaginations
But we see a man of sincere intentions
We see a man who inspires us
Who makes us strive for perfection
We see a man who fascinates us
Who makes us apply self-correction
We see a man who fills us with love
For mankind and for all of nature
So how can we not love Muhammad so much?
When we have been smitten by his stature.

You can remain in your ivory towers
Of civilisational hubris
Sinking in pits of cynical bliss
Embracing your mind’s incubus
We will persist in the sheer bliss
Of loving our Prophet Muhammad
Let haters hate and consume folly’s bait
Let lovers live with their beloved.

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