The Little Girl Who Yearned To See The Prophet

“I want to see the prophet!”
Proclaimed a little girl,
“I want to look upon his face,
The mercy of the worlds.”

“You’ve told me all the stories,”
She told her dear parents,
“But still I can not see his face
I’m feeling disenchanted!”

“Where did you get that word from?”
Replied the dad, impressed,
“I do not even use that word
Myself I must confess!”

“Oh daddy! When can I see him?
Oh mummy! Is there a film?
I’m starting to give up the hope
Was he actually real?”

The husband stared at his wife
Inside feeling the quakes
“I think we’d better get some help,
Let’s take her to the shaykh!”

They led her to the masjid
And contemplating there sat
The shaykh in robes of pristine white
Crowned with a furry hat

“O Shaykh!” Complained the child
“This really is not fair!
Pictures abound of Jesus Christ
People can see him clear!”

The shaykh just sat there smiling
Replied with glowing eyes,
“There is a special way
That you can see him my dear child”

“A camera can not catch him
A pen can not impart
Seeing him is only done
With the eye of your true heart”

“First you need to love him
And his family
His blessed friends, companions
And his whole community.”

“Then you need to picture him
By reading about his looks
If you ask your parents
They can read to you from books.”

“His face outshone the full moon
His eyes intensely black
In them the light would dance and love
Expand and then contract.”

“His hair was neither wavy
Or straight or tightly curled
His eye brows arched exquisitely
His nose perfectly curved.”

“His mouth was wide and delicate
His front teeth slightly spaced
From his teeth a light would gleam
Enlightening the place.”

“His face was slightly rounded
His hair fell to his shoulders,
His beard was dense, eye-lashes long
Delighting his beholders.”

“When he walked it was as if
The earth rolled up for him
With pleasant voice and radiant face
He would meet the young and the aged.”

“Between his two broad shoulders
Shone the seal of prophethood
When people met him just one time
They would love him for good.”

“So read about his character
Picture him in your head
Then read upon him prayers and peace
And for him let the tears shed.”

“When Allah sees in you the love
So serious and true
You’ll see the blessed Prophet’s face
Calling unto you.”

So off the girl went home in wonder
Thinking about the Prophet
She asked the Lord with all her heart
And there she found the secret.

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One thought on “The Little Girl Who Yearned To See The Prophet

  1. Masha’Allah…..such a lovely poem….neatly describing our Beloved Rasool’Allah (S)!!! I wish i had this to read when I was a little girl <3

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