The March Of The Gazan Babies


While the rank and file of defiant Hamas

Locked down the city for imminent attack

While the suffering mothers of the Gaza strip

Gathered up their brood for a perilous trip

While the tanks and the trucks of the IDF

Charged along the highway like a crazed express

While the world looked on, angered and dismayed

On their glowing screens, many miles away,

A rousing crack and a jolting thud

Left palpitations in the Gazan mud

Then the street lights shattered

And the shop fronts rattled

From the Daraj Quarter to Sabra and Daraj

The Gazans feared for the wrath of God

More than the scheming of the vile Likud

Some felt the ground thumping under their feet,

They could sense some marching from Sheikh Radwan street,

“Get ready for war,” roared a Hamas guard

“The Yahuud are here, in our own backyard!”

And they snapped and clicked their guns in place

Waiting for the order, grimace on the face,

And the marching grew like a pounding drum

As if approached a hundred thousand,

With rifles ready and their wits aware

The guards stood poised in the dusty air

But a voice yelled out and he dropped in a swoon

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon!”

Before the eyes of the Gazan squad

A sight befell them, a miracle of God,

Babies wrapped in white, marched along the street

Babies dead before and some only just this week,

Hundreds swamped the scene, charging along

Punching the air, while chanting this song:

“For shame! For shame! Ya Bani Israeel!

Our great grandfather Abraham

Disowns your butchery!

For shame! For shame! Ya Bani Israeel!

You dropped your bombs in the clear night sky

And killed us in our sleep!

For shame! For shame! Ya Bani Israeel!

We were hungry birds in a threadbare nest

Meagre scraps for a meal!

For shame! For shame! Ya Bani Israeel!

We were just little vessels, thirsty for life

And you drowned us in your steel!

For shame! For shame! Ya Bani Israeel!

How will you face the Lord of the Worlds?

On the day that all’s revealed!

For shame! For shame! Ya Ummah!  Muslimeen!

You swim in your oil, make others toil

Standing by while our wounds bleed!

For shame! For shame! Ya Ummah! Muslimeen!

You love this world, which is just absurd,

It’s just a passing dream!

For shame! For shame! Ya Ummah! Muslimeen!

When will you rise from your laziness?

For this life is fantasy!

For shame! For shame! Our fellow human-beings!

We killed in our nappies, not a crime to our names

And you just sat by and disagreed.

For shame! For shame! Our fellow human beings!

If you don’t act soon, another wave of children

Will just be some figures for history.”

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