At the Malay stock exchange, one early morning, the managing director of Huwa industries appeared in a dreadful state, with his shirt untucked, his tie hanging wildly around his neck, pacing around, in his bare feet, in a never-ending circle, lamenting:

“I’ve lost it all…..I’ve missed it……What will he say?”

Nobody disturbed him and just allowed this new, mystery tycoon to make a complete fool of himself in front of his competitors, who were sitting majestically in their booths which gazed down on the stock exchange floor.

A few minutes elapsed. Expecting to see this new guy’s stocks plummet to the ground, the MDs of the opposing share companies began rubbing their hands.

But, suddenly, to their utter disbelief, they saw Huwa Industries’ shares rocketing way above all of their shares put together!

They stared at the numbers on the vast board then watched this peculiar man continue his circuit and disappear out of sight.

What the hell? They all thought.

The next day, there was the same scenario, the stock exchange, the daily forecast, the MDs ready in their booths. But today, this bright morning, the MD of Huwa industries appeared with his aide, with an air of utter composure and grace.

Conversely, Huwa shares had fallen flat. He had lost billions in dollars. The MDs grinned as they looked at the figures, but then gawked by seeing the composure and grace as the new guy paced around the stock exchange, gazing serenely at the board.

“Right, that’s it.” Announced one those seated, “Call his aide. I want to know what’s going on.”

A few moments later, on the floor, the MD’s aide felt a tap on the shoulder, heard a whisper in his ear which impelled him to whisper into his own master’s ear. The MD on the floor motioned him to accede to the request being made to him.

So when the sharp-looking aide finally reached the pompous men in their leather chairs, staring at him rather contemptuously, he was rather struck by their arrogance and attitude. One of the MDs piped up:

“Now listen here young man. What the hell is the wrong with your boss? Today, his shares have plummeted and he stands there like a god. And yesterday his shares rocketed and he’s pacing around like a homeless alcoholic. What on earth is going on?”

The MDs all held their breaths, curious, intrigued. And all the aide could say was this:

“Well, today, my dear sirs, my respected boss managed to wake up for Fajr prayers.”

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