World Events

gaining in momentum, swelling,
the multifarious world events flow to a waterfall,
tributaries of time.
Some drops plummet
like weighty rocks
shattering our surfaces
but other drops
float and slide
restoring unity.
Then foam rises
resurrecting from
the impact of reactions,
convoluted clouds
or arresting apparitions
Before we evaporate into the ether,
Will we fall, or burst, or saturate?
Will we merge, or clear, or emanate?

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I am a Muslim writer and English teacher. I have written poetry, short stories, a play, and I am currently working on a novella. My subject matter and themes are related to Islam, Sufism, politics and also my job as a secondary school teacher. My work is copyrighted and any works published here may not used or copied without my prior consent. You can contact me via the "Contact Me" page, if you wish to use any these writings. I am keen to gain the notice of publishers and if any are interested in my writings, please contact me via the "Contact Me" page. Was salaam, Peace

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