When I Tasted Their Tears

I wrote this poem in response to this moving footage of the Abu Shaar brothers’ visitation of the blessed resting place of Imam Al Hussain in Cairo, may Allah sanctify his secret. I am exploring the possible reaction of a twisted mind, if it was among the audience…



When I tasted their tears

my heart never recovered

I felt the love that touched their souls

that moved these blessed brothers.


When I first witnessed their adulation

at the grave of Al Hussain

My head swelled up with sheer outrage

Did they feel no shame?


Sobbing like a bunch of women!

Embracing idolatry!

Calling out to one who can not answer,

What confounded stupidity!


They sang, they prayed, with pious display

They cried, they even danced!

I think they’re probably Shia nuts

They’d beat themselves given a chance!


What on earth are they crying for?

They should cry for their own sins!

No wonder the Muslim world’s a mess

Chasing innovations and chasing whims!


My hands itched for some bold action

I must change this with my hand

I disappeared down the nearest alley

Returned with a grenade hidden in my hand.


I would teach these innovators how

misguided their tears were

the fire of hell would destroy them all

the spectre of idolatry would burn.


I was just about to release the pin

Throw it in and run away

Then from a distance watch the sight

of falsehood in dismay.


When one of these misguided men

Looked me straight in the eye

His glance pierced something deep within

And I could not help but cry.


Suddenly, within my heart

I felt it heating up

The flame of love had been ignited

And now my spirit would erupt!


With the grenade still in my pocket

I collapsed and sobbed and wailed

For there and then I heard a voice,

As if it was Al Hussain!


No one there could console me

As the tears shook me and just shook

I tried to give my mind a chance

but love, it overtook!


And now I have tasted their tears

My tears just will not end

The fire of the love of God

Has made me its dear friend.


So listen to my story friend

Before you ever try

And ridicule the tears of men

Who yearn for those who’ve died.


For they are not dead at all

Their spirits live so free

And now the tears give no respite

The fire of love has consumed me!

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One thought on “When I Tasted Their Tears

  1. Excellent writing. These brothers are symbol of love. The people you mentioned as grande carrier must change their mind. True Muslims need to come in front. I liked those Hasani Hussaini brothers :).

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