Poetic Prayers: A Prayer For Dark Days

by Novid Shaid, 2011


O Allah! Lord of the brightest mornings and the darkest nights!

Lord of our terrible times and the moments of our greatest delights!

O Allah! Protect us in these dark days of murder and strife

Wrap us in Your love, with Your cloak of security and might!

Surround us with Your impenetrable forces of light.

Repel and expel all destructive forces that seek to infiltrate

Our homes, our streets, our neighbourhoods and inner states.

O Allah Most High, though we stand tall, we are nothing but a tribe of ants

And this world is a hungry heron, pecking, constantly on the attack

We are in dire need of Your help, so enshroud our innate fragility,

Without You, we have no hope of overcoming difficulty,

Be with us always, O Lord, in times of ease and adversity.

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I am a Muslim writer and English teacher. I have written poetry, short stories, a play, and I am currently working on a novella. My subject matter and themes are related to Islam, Sufism, politics and also my job as a secondary school teacher. My work is copyrighted and any works published here may not used or copied without my prior consent. You can contact me via the "Contact Me" page, if you wish to use any these writings. I am keen to gain the notice of publishers and if any are interested in my writings, please contact me via the "Contact Me" page. Was salaam, Peace

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