Poetic Prayers: O Lord

By Novid Shaid, 2005


Help me in my desperate plight, O Lord,

The world is wrestling with my heart, O Lord,

Dragging me down an abyss, O Lord,

Desiring to suppress my light, O Lord,

So rescue me from my poor plight, My Dear Lord.


A voice is striving to deceive, O Lord,

Persuading me that I exist, O Lord,

Independent of Your act, O Lord,

A random, floating speck of dust, O Lord

So strengthen me in Your knowledge, My Dear Lord.


The world urges me to idolise, O Lord,

The gods of wealth and happiness, O Lord,

And serve the goddesses of thrills, O Lord,

Until the world means everything, O Lord,

So make my true desire You, My Dear Lord.


I’m lost and I am wandering, O Lord,

I’m covered in the dust of sin, O Lord,

Forgive me for my shortcomings, O Lord.

Show me the dawning of Your Light, O Lord.

Extinguish all my worldly fears, O Lord,

Give me strength to hold my reins, O Lord,

Prepare me for my coming death, O Lord,

Protect me from complacency, O Lord,

Enshroud my sadness with some cheer, O Lord,

Pluck me out of selfish states, My dear, Lord.


I ask you for Your special help, O Lord,

You made me, my return’s to You, O Lord,

You are my creator and my Friend, O Lord,

You gave me life and will bring me death, O Lord,

I ask you through the sanctity, O Lord

Of the jewel of humanity, O Lord

The mirror of divinity, O Lord,

Forgive me and my community, My dear Lord.


And peace and blessings on that very one, O Lord,

Whose face brought longing tears out from the sun, My Dear Lord.

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