And That’s What Eid Means To Me

By Novid Shaid, 2011


Down in the heart of Aylesbury

Lived a little bald man doing a PHD

On the mysteries of the Muslim creed

Like what on earth does Eid really mean?


Around he searched in the community

Interviewing a Muslim whoever he could see

And he told them about his mission to study

What on earth does Eid really mean?


So first he met a great grinning Mullah Maulvi

Who told him: “Truly Eid is from Allah’s bounty!

It’s a great celebration, a time to feast!

After we’ve fasted it’s a great relief!

And that’s what Eid means to me!”


Next came a grumbling, middle-aged auntie,

“Well, there’s triple more cooking to do you see

From steaming chicken roast and gallons of mango lassie

When Eid is finished I’ll put my feet up you see

And that’s what Eid means to me!”


A little boy said: “I can’t wait for Eid!

I get some wicked flashy clothes, and plenty of money!

I say, Eid Mubarak to my da da gee,

In the morning the mosque, with shalwar qameez

And that’s what Eid means to me!”


“Yo, I chill it out with my bad boy hommies

We cruise on down with our beaming M3s

Filling the Broadway with our colours of green

Coz Eid is the time to show you Paki-stani

And that’s what Eid means to me!”


A young woman laughed, “I really love Eid

I wear exquisite henna and gorgeous mehndi

I dress like a princess for all to see

All the colours they sparkle like a Christmas tree!

And that’s what Eid means to me!”


“It’s a very busy time, very busy indeed!”

Said the barber, “the rush you’ll never believe

We don’t get any sleep in the night before Eid,

Cutting and styling, getting them ready,

And that’s what Eid means to me!”


“It’s time for tremendous generosity!”

Said a lady, “feeding orphans and the poor needy

We think of others who may be suffering, we

remember those who aren’t as lucky you see

That’s what Eid means to me!”


“It depends who you talk to,” said one of the momineen,

“It’s a time for joy and humility

Uniting with your friends and your family

It’s a day to remember Allah’s limitless mercy

And that’s what Eid means to me.”


So off went the student with his PHD

He collated his notes and made a summary:

“it’s all about food and looking pristine,

And enjoying yourself with your family

But it’s for praising Allah really, ultimately,

Now I understand what Eid really means!”



Da Da Gee: Urdu/Punjabi for paternal grandfather



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One thought on “And That’s What Eid Means To Me

  1. As-salaam ‘alaikum Dear Novid:

    This is a classic! I can imagine households memorizing this one… it’s a Muslim The Night Before Christmas…

    Eid Kareem… and all blessings of Allah.

    May the heart’s Light keep growing
    and the pen keep flowing…

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