Qul Ya Azeem!

Interpretation by Novid Shaid, 2011


Qul Ya Azeem!

Antal Azeem!

Qad Hammana!

Hammul azeem!

Wa qullu shayin hammana!

Yahunu bismika Ya Azeem


Resting on earth

Living so free

There lies a man

Content in poverty

Nowhere to turn

Nowhere to hide

Raising his hands,

He calls to the sky


Chorus: Qul Ya Azeem!


Trapped in a cell

In a living hell

Crouches a boy

Convicted, a rebel.

Young, vulnerable

But heart like a lion

Under his pain

He sings unashamed


Chorus: Qul Ya Azeem!


Crippled and sick

Inflicted with disease

Stuck to a bed,

No donor to relieve

Death on her side

No cure for her demise

Strong, unalarmed

Still patient and calm


Chorus: Qul Ya Azeem!


So be content!

Listen my friends!

Life is a sea


If you are drowning

In calamities

Call on The One

And sail with His breeze!


Chorus: Qul Ya Azeem!

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