Rosaline’s Song

O Romeo; O Romeo

Wherefore art thou smitten?

Drained in the net of Juliet

Before I was thy kitten

O Romeo; O Romeo

I haven’t said wherefore

I curbed your siege of loving terms

And let love with you brawl

You think that I have Dian’s wit

My vows just spoilt your chances

Well, I’ve been struck with such a point

T’would make Cupid enchanted!

This arrow of Infinity

It pierced my very veins

I am so helplessly in love

With One who is The Named

I quaffed the goblet of His Light

Just one drop quenched my thirst

He gave me but one fleeting glance

And then my soul traversed

Nothing remained, not even me

My selfishness gave in

And now He is all that I see

There’s nothing left within

You pine for Juliet, exiled

Without her, there’s no life

But I, unlike your cancelled love,

Have tasted eternal life!

I need no dram to end it all

My consciousness has flown

I need no tragic dagger now

By timelessness I’m owned

O Romeo, O Romeo

If you knew how I felt

You’d toss your Juliet aside

And inwardly you’d melt

Your heavy lightness would cohere

Your chaos turn serene

The rising of the sun I speak

Would dazzle Verona’s queen

My Love has this one special Friend

The Peace and Prayers they rain

The love of just this Chosen One

Would just drive you insane!

So, Romeo, dear Romeo,

You need not waste your tears

Cast your poison in this fire

And see the One appear…

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