When Terry And June Found Sukoon


Terry and June, the notorious two

scorned and reviled by their neighbours

husband and wife, walking trouble and strife

abhorred for their deplorable behaviour!


As they stumbled and screeched down the sanctimonious street,

embroiled in a boiling domestic:

“You’re a lousy liar! You’re a rotten two-timer!”

“Stop whining you wench! You make me sick!”

Zayn and Bilquis, local Islamic activists,

would sneer at them, gawking from their bay windows

“They’re the scum of the town, these Kuffar clowns!”

said the couple, with an air of haughtiness.

But Terry’s nerves snapped and one day he cracked,

“That’ s it you old cow, I’ve had enough!”

“I won’t let you go!” Cawed June like a crow.

But Terry stormed out in a great rush.

Wherever he went, Terry would lament

Because behind him would follow a shadow

In rain, snow or shine, June would lurk behind

despite taking some harsh words and blows.

Feeling terribly cross, Terry strode past a mosque

Then an idea struck him like a bolt of lightning

“I know of a way, to keep June at bay

I’ll pretend I’ve become a Muslim!”

With a skip and a jig, he entered the masjid

And June just stopped there and waited,

Then to her disbelief, Terry appeared on the street

Donning a white Muslim robe, which he knew she hated.

Not believing her eyes, June sank down and cried

While Terry pranced along back to their flat

Zayn and Bilquis screamed like a pair of banshees

“A Muslim now? Well, fancy that!”


Terry locked the door and leapt up with a roar

“I’ve finally got rid of that rot bag!”

But Terry’s face dropped, when he heard a loud knock

And he opened the door to find June wearing a hijaab!

“I just don’t care!” she declared with a glare,

“If you’re Muslim or a bloody hari-krishna!

I’ll do all it takes, to keep you in my wake

So you’d better get used to this Mister!”

In the following days, to Terry’s dismay

June followed him to the masjid

But Terry thought that June would soon crack

She would never survive as a Muslim.

But something happened on the night of Al Qadr

As Terry was pretending to pray on his own

Inside the holy book, he was really taking a look

At his Facebook status on his IPhone.

Upstairs full of depression in the sisters’ section

June felt hot tears streaming down her sunken cheeks

Despite her show of dedication for Terry’s affections

He had hardly spoken to her in many weeks.

But June felt a shudder on this night of Al Qadr

For little did she know or perceive

That a troop of angels had around her gambolled

And prayed for her strength and inner peace.

At that blessed moment, June wept like a fountain

And her face, enlightened with heavenly beauty

A light shone in her heart, smashing her doubts apart

She accepted Islam with certainty.

Then she made for the exit, in a state of ecstasy

Feeling the lights of iman, intoxicating.

But just there before, she reached the masjid’s doors

Terry happened to be there in conversation.

When he turned to her face and witnessed the divine grace

That Allah had bestowed on his erstwhile wife.

He was caught in her spell, a deep yearning befell

Him, he had never felt this way in all of his life.

Terry couldn’t help, but to follow June’s steps

Down the street and back to their flat

He caught up with her swiftly, looked at her gently

And said: “Allah has brought me back.”

Arm in arm, joined by the hip, the couple walked up the street,

In a state of unimaginable bliss

Eyes from curtains around, followed them as they walked down

Uncomfortably, watched Zain and Bilquis.

From that day this couple, whose life once was struggle

Felt their hearts had finally become in-tuned

The angels rejoiced, at their sounds of their voices,

When Terry and June found sukoon.

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  1. Mashallah, that’s really heart-warming. I enjoyed it. You make me love poetry like few can in this day and age!

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