The Illegal Lover

He fled from Aleppo

From the snipers and war

His mother and father

They perished before

Trekking through hillsides

In the wind and the rain

Heading for England

Escaping the pain

But something impelled him

To reach England’s shores

Something was waiting

He yearned to explore

So he travelled with migrants

And with tired refugees

Risking the waters

Of the Aegean sea

Through terrible dangers

He risked his own life

Under vast lorries

He gripped on all night

Then as the sun glimmered

In the cold morning sky

He set foot on England

With a tear-ridden cry

He hid under bridges

Slept in dirty holes

And made it to London

On the streets he felt cold

Then suddenly someone

Caught the tears in his eyes

She looked like an angel

Her eyes made him cry

And now he knew why

His heart pulled him here

He knew that her spirit

To his soul was endeared

He so wanted to tell her

How much he desired

Just to be near her

To look into her eyes

But then he remembered

He was a refugee

Illegal, unwanted

Smelly and dirty

She looked so radiant

And he looked so ill

He could never be near her

But he followed her still

She went in a café

And met a man there

They giggled and chatted

While he wept and stared

When she had gone to

The ladies’ room

He noticed that her friend

Looked angry and fumed

The rage in the man’s eyes

Told the boy on the street

That he wanted to kill her

He was using deceit

They left in a hurry

His car at the side

The boy kept his distance

His heart thudding inside

Then just as the man

Opened the car door

His face was contorted

And at her he roared

She had been unfaithful

She protested to this

But he was so jealous

His rage would persist

And then he grabbed her

By throat like a doll

Concealed in his other hand

A bottle of methanol

And just as he rose

The bottle so high

The boy rushed ahead

Then stood by her side

The acid engulfed him

He screamed out in pain

The man stood bewildered

Then fled in his shame

The boy from Aleppo

Though his eyes stung like hell

His asked this dear lady

Was she safe? Was she well?

Then when he heard her

Her voice soft as a rose

He smiled like in heaven

He forgot all his woes

While he and she waited

For the ambulance

She cried and spoke to him

With sincere thankfulness

Then when she asked him

Where he was from

What was his name

What had he done wrong

He said “I’m a stranger

I’m illegal and wrong

I shouldn’t just be here

To give you this song

But my heart would not listen

It made me come here

It was so attracted

With you to be near

But now that you’re with me

I need nothing else

I can join God in heaven

Knowing you’re in good health”

With this he expired

This boy from beyond

The woman stayed with him

And far and wide spread his song.

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