An Ode to the Rasul, Allah bless him and grant him peace in the style of Hazrat Ahmed Yessevi (ra)

My soul’s shimmering, sighing Ya Muhammad!

The darkness within, brightens with Muhammad!

I rest in the soft nest of the kindness of Muhammad

I flee, an escapee, to the mercy of Muhammad

I’m blessed by the largesse and the finesse of Muhammad

I’m lost like a poor moth in the pure cloth of Muhammad

I’m stirred like a wild bird by the true words of Muhammad

I’m bright by the sheer sight of the deep light of Muhammad

I sigh as I float high in the night skies of Muhammad

I’m free, a devotee, in the great seas of Muhammad

I run and then I plunge in the ocean of Muhammad

I’m fine as I incline to the sunshine of Muhammad

I fear and I shed tears at the night prayers of Muhammad

I’m dyed and purified by the dark eyes of Muhammad

My choice is to rejoice at the clear voice of Muhammad

I’m buoyed and overjoyed by the envoys of Muhammad

The plea of Yessevi is my copy for Muhammad

My pen finds redemption by the mention of Muhammad

Allah bless him and grant him peace and his family and companions and sanctify the secret of Hazrat Ahmed Yessevi,