Dear English Tongue

My dreaming language, dear English tongue!

Through Shakespeare you’ve enthralled the old and young

But through imperialism and technology

You’ve left a trail of pain and lethargy

So let me boost your lexis and your art

By using you to praise the Prophet’s heart!

Dear English tongue, Muhammad, peace on him

His miracle was light that shone within

So brilliant and fine his inner light

That Aisha found a needle deep in the night!

Dear English tongue, Muhammad, peace on him

His character was pure, beyond the whim

His miracle was the eloquent Quran

Whose verses still the soul, protect from harm

Dear English tongue, Muhammad, peace on him,

You may ask us, why do we love him?

As when he was accosted by cruel words

He was loving despite the hate he heard

Dear English tongue, you may think this rather odd

But through Muhammad, you will reach The Only God

The Only One, that people in the West

Think is a myth and their English tongue knows best

But English tongue, know this I do beseech

That every word exists through Allah’s speech…

And Peace and Blessings on Muhammadan!

From Edinburgh, and Cardiff and London!

An Ode to the Rasul, Allah bless him and grant him peace in the style of Hazrat Ahmed Yessevi (ra)

My soul’s shimmering, sighing Ya Muhammad!

The darkness within, brightens with Muhammad!

I rest in the soft nest of the kindness of Muhammad

I flee, an escapee, to the mercy of Muhammad

I’m blessed by the largesse and the finesse of Muhammad

I’m lost like a poor moth in the pure cloth of Muhammad

I’m stirred like a wild bird by the true words of Muhammad

I’m bright by the sheer sight of the deep light of Muhammad

I sigh as I float high in the night skies of Muhammad

I’m free, a devotee, in the great seas of Muhammad

I run and then I plunge in the ocean of Muhammad

I’m fine as I incline to the sunshine of Muhammad

I fear and I shed tears at the night prayers of Muhammad

I’m dyed and purified by the dark eyes of Muhammad

My choice is to rejoice at the clear voice of Muhammad

I’m buoyed and overjoyed by the envoys of Muhammad

The plea of Yessevi is my copy for Muhammad

My pen finds redemption by the mention of Muhammad

Allah bless him and grant him peace and his family and companions and sanctify the secret of Hazrat Ahmed Yessevi,

Prayers on the Prophet for the Night Journey

Oh Allah send Your prayers and peace upon him

And upon his companions and kin

By the number of pearls of sweat on al buraq

Which cascaded as the sage ascended him

By the number of prayers the rider invoked

And the flutters of wings of his companions

By the number of sand stones at Al Aqsa

Which intoned his praise as he dismounted

By the number of Prophets that humbly stood

As the chosen one led with equilibrium

And the number of contours in the rock

And the streams of wind as the travellers took off

By the number of times the wise one was hailed

By each Prophet as the levels he scaled

And the number of shimmering branches on Al Muntaha

Ad infinitum they communed Lover and Beloved

From the day You made this life

To the end when we arise

Every day a thousand times!




Prayers On The Prophet: Part Two


Allah bless him and grant him peace.


A Humble Homage To Ad Dalaailul Khayraat: Part Two


For Shaykh Ahmed Babikr and the Saturday Night Dalaail*


In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Kind

Verily Allah and His Holy Angels on high

Send prayers upon our Prophet, most noble and divine

So invoke peace and blessings which forever multiply

O you who truly believe in His signs.


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Prayers on the Prophet: Part One

Allah bless him and grant him peace, by Novid Shaid

February, 2011, Rabbi Al Awwal, 1432


A humble homage to Al Dalailul Khayrat Part One


Oh Lord, send Your peace and blessings ad infinitum,

upon Our Master and Liege Lord Muhammad,

whose face glows like the full moon,

whose smile dispels anguish and gloom

with locks like strands of silk woven from a heavenly loom

with eyes penetrating, and radiating certitude

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