Poetic Prayer In Response to The Hadith Qudsi, “Ya Ibaadi” Hadith Number 24, Arbaeen Nawawiyya

Novid Shaid, 2003

Oh Allah! Oh everlasting King!

Oh heirless Emperor! Oh Sovereign!

Oh You, who has forbidden oppression

For yourself, and outlawed transgression.

Oh You, without whom all become astray

Without whom, none can travel on the way

Oh You, who solely sates our appetites

Quenches our thirst and nourishes our insights,

Oh You, without whom all remain unclothed,

Without whom, our frailty lies exposed,

Oh You, who veils our mortifying sins,

Conceals our shame and saves us from ruin,

Conserve us from oppressing one another

Preserve us from transgressing one another

Innerve us with Your fitting gratefulness

Reserve for us Your loving gentleness

Maintain us on Your liberating road

Which reaches Your perpetual abode.

And feed us with revitalising fare

Bought with an income honourable and fair,

And wrap us in emancipating robes

Which free us of conceit and repel the cold,

And draw a clement cloak over our crimes

Shore-up our fragments with Your pillars sublime.

Oh fearless One! We cannot cause you harm,

Oh peerless One! It’s You who clears our qualms.

Oh Lord, we state this candid affirmation

Should all the beings of Your whole creation

Be servants of the highest moral station,

They wouldn’t boost Your kingdom in the slightest.

Oh Lord, we swear this earnest declaration

Should all the beings of Your countless nations

Be tyrants of the lowest moral station,

They wouldn’t shrink Your kingdom in the slightest.

Oh Allah, we sing Your acclamation,

Should every soul from time’s initiation

And every one to life’s ordained cessation,

Ask for their wants in one, vast congregation,

And should You answer every single prayer,

And meet the needs of all that gather there,

It wouldn’t drain Your bounty in the slightest.

So when our acts of righteousness are sewn,

Let us affirm Your goodness, not our own.

And when our sinful acts begin to swell

Give us the common sense to blame ourselves.

And make our repentance lasting and true,

Until we fear and love no one but You.

And peace and blessings on Your courtier

Who thrives in Your confidence without barrier.

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