If you can unmask the masquerade

Of life and its illusions

then you have overcome, in truth,

all obstacles of existence.


If you can see the light of God

shimmering through every moment

there’s no-one that can equal you

in this entire existence.


If others sit wrapped in their minds

ensnared by their devices

and you sit free and face your Lord

you’ve triumphed over all existence.


If you can push aside the noise

of people and their distractions

and see your Lord through their demands

you’ve conquered all existence.


If you can find, when calamities

spin through your life like whirlwinds,

the pre-eternal light of God,

you’re a gem of this existence.


If you can find infinite stillness

when people around run riot

and find the One who truly lives

you’ve uncovered the secret of existence.


If you can face your death with peace

and recognize your frailty

then you become the triumphant one

of life and this existence.


If you can purge your heart of love

for fame and notoriety

and prefer to seek the light of God

you’re elevated over all existence.


If you can make your goals for Him

and act with true intentions

the world bends, bowing at your feet

you’re the master of existence.


If you can make your heart a slave

to Him, while others imagine

they’re masters of their own destinies,

He makes you King of all existence.


O Lord when this world overcomes

our minds and our motivations

make us discern Your Reality

encompassing all existence


And peace be on the messenger

and blessings without concession

who, if we ever met him now,

would revive our whole existence.